Узнайте, как красят овес море, легкий путь

Смотреть, как Кэти покажет вам простой способ создать Sea Oats


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  1. MiCompre says:

    Ahhh! I Know! We call it Marram Grass, Sea-grass or Dune grass!
    Thanks and nice vid.

  2. ankaiscool says:

    could you plz give the videos numbers, so i's more easy to find the next part 🙂 greetings from germany

  3. knc1960 says:

    Love your videos! Can you tell me again what you said you used to make your paint go on smoothly before you start painting? I'm a beginner and I know that would help! I just didn't understand what you called it. Please keep your videos coming! They're great!!!! 👍🏻

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