Как раскрасить скалы

http://Learn2Paint.info Как нарисовать породы в демонстрации масляной / акриловой живописи.


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  1. Heather G says:

    I started painting 11 years ago., self taught. Took a break because of life & 3 children. I feel like a newbie again. I've been working a landscape that has rocks in the foreground & haven't been able to get the colors right. I think this will help me a lot. Question about the reflected light/color. If my sky is pinks & yellows, should the reflected light be in those shades instead of blue? Or should it be a warm-blue? Suggestion, use a clean palette so we can see the colors better. Thanks!

  2. Heather G says:

    just wanted to tell you that my painting looks nice & the rocks look terrific…thanks to your video!

  3. Marge Heimdal says:

    It took over 6 minutes for you to paint the shape. You do not sound confident and repeat things about the light. If it took this long to paint a rock no one would paint them….

  4. Joan E says:

    thanks for the tutorial……..i found it to be very informative seeing i am a beginner. thanks again

  5. BriPainter & Learn2Paint - Learn How to Paint says:

    Hi Joan, thanks for your feedback, I hope you will enjoy my other videos too

  6. Lm Wilt says:

    I appreciate your easy going manner, how you show your palette and mixing, and all the details you discuss. Repetition is good — it makes the info sink in! I will look for more of your teaching.

  7. Marge Heimdal says:

    It takes way too long to paint the shape of the rock, let alone shade it. You did a good job but I an out od patience and if it takes that long for one ock, how long would it take to paint a landscape with rocks in it?

  8. Marge Heimdal says:

    Someone used my name to leave a negative remark below and I don't appreciate it. I learned more about painting roicks from your video than any other rock demoes on you tube. THANK YOU AND PLEASE POST MORE VIDEOES FOR US..

  9. Jill Weirich says:

    Thanks for the great video. The only suggestion I have is that you need better lighting so we can see more detail. That said, your technique was quite helpful for me.

  10. Jeane Worth says:

    Thanks for this. Wanted to learn to paint rocks with a brush instead of always using a knife. Great help to me.

  11. Asha Mullick says:

    Thanks a lot for showing me how to paint rocks using flat brush. Very well demonstrated .I will love to see more videoes

  12. Renee Klause says:

    I appreciate how you explain why you do each step and the with color choices.

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